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December 2008

Sky Vegetables

This is incredible!  A new company in Berkley, CA is working on planing hydroponic gardens on top of supermarkets and buildings to utilize the space for local produce.Logo-lo-res-sky

See this incredible business at:

I hope they are wildly successful, this could change our world!

You may not know this about me, but we are crazy about local, organic farming.  My Son-in-law and daughter have started a small organic farm and CSA in San Luis Obispo, CA, which will start to produce next spring.  I live in the burbs, but instead of planting the regular burbs type of landscaping in our postage stamp yard I have fruit trees; apricot, plum, lemon, apple, lime, pomegranate, as well as blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, chard, rhubarb, squash, snap peas and a host of herbs for our cooking needs.  All summer long, we have a beautiful harvest of fruits and vegetables, all grown pesticide free.  All winter, we have canned fruit and some winter veggies going. Even if your your yard is tiny, you can produce more food than you can eat!

I'm really excited about what is happening with sustainable farming.  I hope you visit the Sky Vegetable Site and encourage them on what they are doing!

tim, thelifesimple, 2008