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Killing the Phone Book to Save the Environment - Bracco HFP

You've got to take a look at this great post by Bob Ragsdale over at Bracco HFP.  He's pointing us to an effort to get rid of duplicate phone books.  This is and has been a pet peeve of mine!  Here's what he says about talking with the folks over at

"When I spoke with Philip he told me “We don’t want to eliminate the phone books, we just want to give people the option to have them or not have them. We want to stop the throwing away of phone books.” Philip’s mission is to eliminate the “incredible waste” that these extra books account for. According to YellowPagesGoesGreen over 500 Million phone books (nearly two for every U.S. citizen) are produced each year. Their statistics go on to show that if that number were cut in half (one book per citizen) the annual resource savings would equal:

  • 10 million trees
  • 800 million tons of paper
  • 3.6 million barrels of oil
  • 1.6 billion kilowatt hours of electricity"

This is good stuff - go there now and sign up - I did!




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Simply, Tim

I totally agree! Opt in woudl be much better. Around here, they leave a stack by the mailboxes - really annoying!


I opted out of my phone book and got one anyway. I was so annoyed! Planning on shredding it up for kitty litter, but I really didn't need one in the first place! I wish they'd switch it to an opt in situation. If you still want one, call the phone company and they'll make sure you get one. Because I think the delivery people around here just drop one at every door without paying attention to their list.

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