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Turn Graywater Into Reusable Water - Graywater Guide

Contact: Lana Adams
Administrator, SLO Green Build
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Turn Graywater Into Reusable Water
Learn How with SLOCOAT’s Graywater Guide & Workshops
San Luis Obispo, CA – October 16, 2009. The San Luis Obispo Coalition of Appropriate Technology (SLOCOAT) has completed The San Luis Obispo Guide to the Use of Graywater, which provides easy to follow steps to develop a safe graywater system at home. The Guide is available for free download at or hard-copy purchase for $10.
“The Graywater Guide is an easy-to-follow, straight-forward tool that has the potential to make a large impact on reducing our County's water consumption,” explained contributing author and SLOCOAT member, Ken Haggard. “As people in the community begin to use the guide to create their own graywater systems, they will see just how easy it is; especially since the permitting process for graywater systems is being simplified and the state is proposing no permits for simple graywater applications.”
SLOCOAT recently provided a free luncheon to SLO County’s municipal departments to educate them on the Guide and its application in their community, and is now offering a “Graywater, a Resource to be Reused” workshop for municipalities to educate their local residents. Details to be announced.
The Graywater Guide teaches the steps and materials needed to construct a graywater system that will comply with the latest plumbing codes, won’t require any permits, and won’t become a health risk. It also includes useful tips, such as a list of plants that typically love graywater and detergents and cleaners that are appropriate for graywater systems.
To download the Graywater Guide go to:
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