My July 4th Paradox
A Deep Well

Darwin's Worst Nightmare

Granted, we may know a lot more about what will end our species, global climate change, overpopulation, nuclear holocaust, but it really comes down to the same issue plants and animals have faced for milennia - survival of a species. We think we're different, and we are in that we have a little more responsibility in the cause of our extinction, but really, unless we all pull together and alter the course, we'll be just another extinct species that may never be remembered. Oh and by the way, no worries, the earth will heal itself after a few thousand years. We just won't be around to see it! And unfortunately, we'll probably take down most of the other species with us.

Here's a thought - before you buy that next thing you think you need, whether it's a piece of fruit or a luxury yacht, ask yourself: "Will this purchase hurt or help the planet?" There's only three possible answers: "Hurt" - which should make you second guess the purchase. "Help" - which should make you feel good about your purchase and encourage you to do more of the same. "I don't know" - which should make you postpone the purchase until you do know. I realize this is work and you don't really have the time. I understand because I'm there too, but there is no middle ground anymore. You're either part of the problem or the solution.

We must all become Eco-Social Positive forces, sustaining isn't enough.




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