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MODERN LIVING by ecofabulous has been the premiere experience at Dwell on Design for the last two years. Last year’s showhouse saw approximately 18,000 visitors at the three-day conference and received media spots in over 30 outlets including NBC LA, E! Entertainment, Treehugger, Apartment Therapy, and Triple Pundit. Additionally, a 5-part web documentary series was published on the project in collaboration with eHow Home spotlighting the innovative companies and products in the house.

Due to overwhelming response, ecofabulous has again been asked to showcase the exhibit in 2011. This year, founder Zem Joaquin has teamed up with leading architect Jonathan Davis of pieceHomes, and sustainable prefab builder, OneBuild, to create a modern dweller’s 550 sq. ft. eco-friendly dream home. This year’s MODERN LIVING Showhouse by ecofabulous, featuring pieceHomes will again be auctioned via eBay Giving Works with proceeds benefitting Global Green USA.

Stay tuned as we continue to update our list of partners and house features, as well as share the latest renderings, construction photos, and more! And in the meantime, take a peek at the video below of last year’s house to get an idea of what’s in store:

In Memory of Papaw

I just finished a book by Wendell Berry yesterday - "The Memory of Old Jack".  In the end, as you would expect in a book of this title, Old Jack slips away:

"...even among them, he feels his mind coming to rest. A cool breath of air drifts down upon him out of the woods, and he hears a stirring of leaves.  He no longer sees the stars. His fields drowse and stir like sleepers borne toward morning.

Now they break free of his demanding and his praise.  He feels them loosen from him and go on." Papaw

Last night, my dad, our Papaw, loosened his grip on life and ended his 12 year battle with Parkinson's to step into his rest. An awkward blend of emotions falls upon all his family who have been watching his struggle and who now feel depressed and relieved in the same moment.

These last few years we're tough for him and for those around him. Through it though, he stayed who he was, stubborn and loving, a blend of solitary truck driver and the life of the party.  "Good morning my pretties, time to rise and shine!"

What I remember most from him while growing up was hearing repeatedly the phrase: "If it don't bleed, it don't hurt." Today I find that very untrue, though through most of my life it has been a maxim that has kept me pushing forward, no matter what.  Really, what he meant was that you can have peace regardless of your circumstances which, in the light of this day, I find as utterly true as it was every time time I've heard it in the past.

Tears are falling this morning and may last a while, but in the end Papaw, you finished well and taught us all that even with a body ravaged with disease, one can find peace and be peace to those around you.




SLO Green Build -- Learn - Build - Save Workshop

Austin Energy - A Model For SuccessAustinenergy

Austin Energy began its Green Building Program over 15 years ago and has become one of the most successful programs in the country in reducing energy use for new and existing buildings by focusing on the benefits of green building: better health, greater comfort, lower utility bills, less maintenance, and

lasting value.

Presentation details:

• Thursday, March 25th, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

• Meadow Park - 2333 Meadow Street, San Luis Obispo

(near the big park on South Street)

• Presentation by Richard Morgan, Austin Energy Green Building Program manager

More Info Here

Simple Christmas Gifts - Recycled Tie Wallets from Narwhal Co.

Wallet  You have to check this site out!

The Narwhal Co. has some VERY cool wallets made out of recycled ties.  Lots of different styles and different patterns.  For a last minute holiday gift for those hard to buy for people, this just might be the right gift.

I know I'd love to get one of these under the tree! (hint, hint)  : )

Check out all the wallets at Narwhal Co. for a simple gift for that "life simple" person in your life.



SLO Green Build has a New Home


Contact: Lana Adams
Administrator, SLO Green Build, (805) 286-0072

SLO Green Build has a New Home

San Luis Obispo, CA - November 2009. Now in its fifth year of operation, the local, non-profit SLO Green Build has office space that they can call home. In the past, its volunteers and one paid employee have utilized any place they could get their hands on – from coffee shops and restaurants to meeting room space donated by local businesses. All that changes this month; SLO Green Build now occupies space on South Higuera in San Luis Obispo, in the RRM Design Group offices. This new location will provide volunteers and interns a go-to spot for meetings or work.

“This new physical presence in the community is a big step for our organization,” explained Lana Adams, SLO Green Build Administrator. “Our goal is to work from this space for at least a year. Having a physical location will make our volunteers’ lives easier when planning meetings, and also gives us the much-needed opportunity to bring interns in to help on projects.”

The space includes an “L” shaped pod that accommodates four people, as well as the use of conference rooms, a training room, kitchen, outdoor patio, and shared parking spaces.


More about SLO Green Build:

Formed in 2004 by a small group of professionals from the design and construction industries, community planners, environmental and social services advocates, and concerned residents, SLOGB focuses on the issues of sustainable development and “growing” green building on the Central Coast. SLOGB encourages the use of the most sustainable development methods and greenest building materials possible.

Submitted for SLO Green Build by:
Beth Fillerup, SLOGB volunteer
FILLERUP marketing communications
(805) 748-2135
twitter @getthewordout

Bill Hayward Speaks At SLO Green Build Mixer About FSC Certified Lumber

Bill-Hayward-PhotoI took in a talk this week by Bill Hayward, CEO of Hayward Lumber and Chair on the board for Forest Stewardship Council, US at Hayward Lumber in SLO. The event was a SLO Green Build mixer that brought together green builders and businesses from San Luis Obispo County.

It was a great opportunity to hear the status of sustainability in forestry across the globe from an expert and very early adopter of the FSC certified products. Hayward Lumber has stocked FSC certified lumber in their lumber yard for many years and has led the way for others to do the same.  

Mr. Hayward's leadership in this industry effort started with himself and his team in the 90's when he took his team to walk the forests of the Northwest and see the difference between FSC certified forests and clear cuts made without sustainable practices. Getting on the ground and walking the forest made his team believers in forestry stewardship and they forged a way to be both profitable and sustainable.

Most inspiring is Mr. Hayward's vision that California builders can lead the way to global change. Starting here, California builders using a reasonable percentage of FSC certified wood in projects would be the tipping point to build demand for more forest certification which would lead to lower costs of certified wood products and increase usage globally.

It's a plan that could work to eliminate poor forestry management globally.Untitled-1  

When you get a chance, take a look at the Forest Stewardship Council website. According to Bill Hayward, the model of governance they have created is being copied in other industries such as Fair Trade. It's worth the look just to understand how each of us can make a difference by asking for wood and paper products that have been certified by the FSC.



SunPower Joins SLO Green Build


 Lana Adams
 Administrator, SLO Green Build
 (805) 286-0072,

Steve Sutton
Project Development Liaison, California Valley Solar Ranch
(619) 917-2184, 

SunPower Joins SLO Green Build

San Luis Obispo, CA – November  2009. SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWRA, SPWRB) recently exhibited its commitment to our local community by joining SLO Green Build as a Redwood Member, the non-profit’s highest level of membership. SunPower designs, manufactures, delivers, and monitors high-performance solar electric systems worldwide for residential, commercial, and utility customers.

SunPower shares SLO Green Build’s belief that San Luis Obispo County is one of the most precious places on earth and shares its commitment to using the most sustainable development methods and greenest building materials possible. As a new corporate citizen of the County, SunPower is honored to join and participate in the organization’s tradition of grass-roots involvement and volunteerism among its membership and the community. The company’s membership in SLO Green Build is an acknowledgement and endorsement of the organization’s vision that “in a sustainable future, every building is a green building.”

SunPower is a major manufacturer and distributer of high energy solar electric modules for roof top and utility scale energy systems.  It is also the developer of the California Valley Solar Ranch.


For more information about SunPower:
For more information about SLO Green Build:

Submitted for SLO Green Build by:

Beth Fillerup, SLOGB volunteer
FILLERUP marketing communications
(805) 748-2135
twitter @getthewordout

Morro Bay Residents Invited to a Graywater Workshop



Contact: Jessica Steely

Board Member & Event Coordinator, SLO Green Build

Production Coordinator, Semmes and Company, (805) 466-6737 x203


Morro Bay Residents Invited to a Graywater Workshop

Learn the ins, outs, and how-tos of graywater systems


Morro Bay, CA – November 4, 2009. On Tuesday, November 10th from 5pm – 8pm at the Morro Bay Vets Hall, the City of Morro Bay is hosting a SLO Green Build Graywater Workshop for Morro Bay residents interested in water conservation. The Workshop will utilize the San Luis Obispo Guide to the Use of Graywater to educate attendees on the benefits, costs, and requirements to install their own safe and legal graywater system. Morro Bay’s Chief Building Inspector, Dan Doris, will lead the Workshop.


A $5 donation at the door is suggested for attendance, but is not required; light refreshments will be served; and an RSVP is not needed. Usually $10, a printed Graywater Guide will be available for only $5 to the first 30 buyers.


The Workshop will cover:

  • How to calculate graywater discharge, landscape, and surface area requirements
  • Plumbing techniques, materials, and discharge options
  • Do’s and Don’t of graywater systems
  • Maintenance programs
  • Comparative costs, complexities, and environmental footprints of various graywater systems

 Local contractors and vendors will be on location to provide additional information. Attendees require no prior knowledge.


To download the Graywater Guide prior to the workshop, go to:




More About SLO Green Build:

More About City of Morro Bay: