Turn Graywater Into Reusable Water - Graywater Guide

Contact: Lana Adams
Administrator, SLO Green Build
admin@slogreenbuild.org, (805) 286-0072
Turn Graywater Into Reusable Water
Learn How with SLOCOAT’s Graywater Guide & Workshops
San Luis Obispo, CA – October 16, 2009. The San Luis Obispo Coalition of Appropriate Technology (SLOCOAT) has completed The San Luis Obispo Guide to the Use of Graywater, which provides easy to follow steps to develop a safe graywater system at home. The Guide is available for free download at www.slogreenbuild.org or hard-copy purchase for $10.
“The Graywater Guide is an easy-to-follow, straight-forward tool that has the potential to make a large impact on reducing our County's water consumption,” explained contributing author and SLOCOAT member, Ken Haggard. “As people in the community begin to use the guide to create their own graywater systems, they will see just how easy it is; especially since the permitting process for graywater systems is being simplified and the state is proposing no permits for simple graywater applications.”
SLOCOAT recently provided a free luncheon to SLO County’s municipal departments to educate them on the Guide and its application in their community, and is now offering a “Graywater, a Resource to be Reused” workshop for municipalities to educate their local residents. Details to be announced.
The Graywater Guide teaches the steps and materials needed to construct a graywater system that will comply with the latest plumbing codes, won’t require any permits, and won’t become a health risk. It also includes useful tips, such as a list of plants that typically love graywater and detergents and cleaners that are appropriate for graywater systems.
To download the Graywater Guide go to:
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The Dinner Garden - A Simple Solution To Hunger


The solution to hunger is in your backyard!

Check out The Dinner Garden!  They provide seeds, gardening supplies, and gardening advice free of charge to all people in the United States of America. They also assist those in need in establishing food security for their families. Their goal is for people to plant home, neighborhood, and container gardens so they can use the vegetables they grow for food and income.



Hayward Lumber Becomes First SLO Green Build Redwood Member

Lana Adams
Administrator, SLO Green Build
(805) 286-0072
Paul Rodriguez
Regional Manager, Hayward Lumber
(805) 543-0825
Hayward Lumber Becomes First SLO Green Build Redwood Member

San Luis Obispo – Dedicated to leading the journey in environmental stewardship, Hayward Lumber is doing just that by becoming the first SLO Green Build Redwood Member, the highest level of membership the non-profit offers.

At this level of membership, Hayward Lumber – who is committed to sustainable growth and helping its customers make smart decisions in their building materials – is helping SLO Green Build move their vision of “every building a green building” closer to fruition.

“SLO Green Build is the perfect organization for us to further our journey of environmental stewardship,” explained Paul Rodriquez, Regional Manager for Hayward Lumber. “We are proud to be SLO Green Build’s first Redwood Member and I am personally looking forward to being a part of the organization that will make green building the way everyone builds in the future on the central coast.”
Nationally recognized for bringing green building materials to the markets they serve, Hayward Lumber is use to being first in a lot that they do – from becoming the first lumberyard in the nation to stock Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) lumber in 1999, and building the first Gold LEED certified truss manufacturing plant in the United States in 2003. 

More about Hayward Lumber:
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Grade Potential Sponsors Halloween Costume Recycling Program

(Via On the Road with Hwy 101 Blog)


“Re-Cycling is Boo-tiful!” will distribute free recycled costumes Wednesday, October 28 at Family Care Network in SLO, Exploration Station in Grover Beach and Children’s Museum in Paso Robles.

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One Million Acts Of Green - Cisco

Whatis Here's a big company with a simple idea.  Everyone perform an Act Of Green.  If a million people do it, it adds up to a significant amount of change.

You know I'm a BIG fan of everyone doing something rather than just a few carrying the load for the many.  Twitter For Food is another example of this.  If we all join in and even do a little, big things can happen.

Check out Cisco's One Million Acts of Green here.



SLO Green Build Helps Residents Live Green with the Green Retrofit Sweepstakes

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Contact: Lana Adams
SLO Green Build
(805) 286-0072
admin@slogreenbuild.org www.slogreenbuild.org
SLO Green Build Helps Residents Live Green with the Green Retrofit Sweepstakes
San Luis Obispo- Living the American dream of owning a home is expensive. But your utility bills don’t need to be.  SLO Green Build invites residents of older homes in San Luis Obispo County to participate in its first ever Green Retrofit Sweepstakes sponsored by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. The sweepstakes entry deadline is June 15, 2009.
Fill out a free application at www.slogreenbuild.org to win $850 in services from SLO Green Build professionals and $500 on energy- and water-efficient improvements for your home.
This nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping residents save energy, save the Earth, and save their wallets to help further its vision of making every building a green building. By filling out this ten-question application, residents can win a lifetime of savings on utility bills.
Eight residents will win, one from each incorporated city in San Luis Obispo County and one from the unincorporated area of the county.
SLO Green Build’s Green Retrofit Sweepstakes is open to all homes in San Luis Obispo County that meet the following criteria:
1. The home must be a free-standing single-structure.
2. The home must have been constructed prior to 1990.
3. The home must have utility bills that exceed any one of the following:
a. Average PG&E bill of $200 per month
b. Average gas (natural gas or propane) bill of $100 per month
c. Average water bill of $100 per month
4. The home’s owner and/or tenant must have an interest in improving the home’s energy efficiency.
5. Tenants must have the building owner’s permission to implement home improvements.
Information on utility savings for each winner will be used in case studies and educational materials shared with the general public, building professionals, and local governments for the purpose of promoting green building on the Central Coast.
About SLO Green Build
SLO Green Build is a local non-profit committed to encouraging the use of the most sustainable development methods and greenest building materials possible. Formed in 2004, this grass-roots group of professionals from the design and construction industries shares a vision: “Every building a green building.” SLO Green Build promotes sustainable building techniques that minimize construction waste, build healthier indoor environments and reduce energy use while conserving natural resources; provides architects, engineers, contractors, developers and other building professionals with the proper tools to build sustainable projects; and supports and helps develop public policy which advocates for sustainable architectural, social and building practices.