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Bill Hayward Speaks At SLO Green Build Mixer About FSC Certified Lumber

Bill-Hayward-PhotoI took in a talk this week by Bill Hayward, CEO of Hayward Lumber and Chair on the board for Forest Stewardship Council, US at Hayward Lumber in SLO. The event was a SLO Green Build mixer that brought together green builders and businesses from San Luis Obispo County.

It was a great opportunity to hear the status of sustainability in forestry across the globe from an expert and very early adopter of the FSC certified products. Hayward Lumber has stocked FSC certified lumber in their lumber yard for many years and has led the way for others to do the same.  

Mr. Hayward's leadership in this industry effort started with himself and his team in the 90's when he took his team to walk the forests of the Northwest and see the difference between FSC certified forests and clear cuts made without sustainable practices. Getting on the ground and walking the forest made his team believers in forestry stewardship and they forged a way to be both profitable and sustainable.

Most inspiring is Mr. Hayward's vision that California builders can lead the way to global change. Starting here, California builders using a reasonable percentage of FSC certified wood in projects would be the tipping point to build demand for more forest certification which would lead to lower costs of certified wood products and increase usage globally.

It's a plan that could work to eliminate poor forestry management globally.Untitled-1  

When you get a chance, take a look at the Forest Stewardship Council website. According to Bill Hayward, the model of governance they have created is being copied in other industries such as Fair Trade. It's worth the look just to understand how each of us can make a difference by asking for wood and paper products that have been certified by the FSC.



John Williams (Frog's Leap Winery) at the GEL Conference 2007

Frog's Leap creates outstanding wines - but that's just the beginning. For almost 30 years, John Williams has built an organization that creates good outcomes for customers, employees, and the earth. (Frog's Leap was organic from the beginning, well before it became the trend.) Case study in "creating good" in many ways simultaneously.

John Williams at Gel 2007 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

The GEL (Good Experience Live) 2009 Conference is coming at the end of April in NYC, wish I could go, it looks great!

Also take a look at the Good Experiencewebsite and blog, really good stuff there (including this video and others from the GEL conferences.)



Sky Vegetables

This is incredible!  A new company in Berkley, CA is working on planing hydroponic gardens on top of supermarkets and buildings to utilize the space for local produce.Logo-lo-res-sky

See this incredible business at:

I hope they are wildly successful, this could change our world!

You may not know this about me, but we are crazy about local, organic farming.  My Son-in-law and daughter have started a small organic farm and CSA in San Luis Obispo, CA, which will start to produce next spring.  I live in the burbs, but instead of planting the regular burbs type of landscaping in our postage stamp yard I have fruit trees; apricot, plum, lemon, apple, lime, pomegranate, as well as blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, chard, rhubarb, squash, snap peas and a host of herbs for our cooking needs.  All summer long, we have a beautiful harvest of fruits and vegetables, all grown pesticide free.  All winter, we have canned fruit and some winter veggies going. Even if your your yard is tiny, you can produce more food than you can eat!

I'm really excited about what is happening with sustainable farming.  I hope you visit the Sky Vegetable Site and encourage them on what they are doing!

tim, thelifesimple, 2008